FLow is a web based music jukebox front-end. It has some really neat features so check it out. It is written in PHP/Python and will run on almost any Unix and on Win32. Enjoy!


FLoW began its life in 1997 as a way for me to simplify sharing the large collection of live Phish and Grateful Dead shows that I had. It has grown through the years into what it is now. I have wanted to release FLoW to the public, but have hesitated because I did not want to release something that I didn't feel was perfect. Well, since 1997 FLoW has been installed and is being using by many people, and it was becoming difficult to remember who had what version when people told me about problems they were having with it. So I took a week off of work and spent the week re-factoring the code, for the 5th time now, and came up with something that I though was decent enough to release publicly. So now you have it, and I'm really excited to see what people think, and to see what people will do with it. FLoW is a labor of love for me and it makes me really happy to see people using it and even happier when people contribute ideas or code.

Many thanks to Peter Vetere and Giles Hall for all their ideas and help making FLoW possible.


Of course I have to state this because I don't want to get in anyone in trouble. The FLoW development team does not condone or endorse illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.

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Thank you,

    Steve Bower